France-Alliance Bacchus
Alliance Française is an organisation that promotes the French Language throughout the world.

"Alliance Française is a global network of associations aiming at widening access to a friendly dialogue between cultures through teaching French and organising cultural activities in the host countries.  In the United Kindom, courses and cultural events are offered through a well-established network of 13 language centres and about 52 clubs."
source: Alliance Française Culture Limited London

L'Alliance Française est une organisation qui fait  la promotion de la langue française dans le monde entier. Joël Binet est un intervenant dans les rubriques Vins & Gastronomie et Nouvelles Technologies pour les cercles. Alliance Française de Grande-Bretagne  et d'Europe.
En préparation séries de conférences-Présentations dans le monde entier.
Bacchus, the God of Wine, symbolises the love of wine which is a characteristic of every French person.  What better subject to discuss in the French Language?
Joël Binet, a wine expert and food lover, has prepared this web site to introduce to you his presentations and wine tasting events and his guided tours through the vineyards of France that are the source of our splendid wines.
Candes St Martin
La Loire à Candes Saint-Martin  photo Marc Jauneaud 
Collage original: Joël Binet 2000